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Splendid Spoon vs Hungryroot vs Sakara: Which Plant Based Meal Is Best?

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Plant Rich diets have many health benefits to reduce heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. World Health Organization says plant-based eating is an environmentally sustainable way to eat. There are many plant-based meal delivery services, and today we will be talking about three of them:

  1. Splendid Spoon
  2. Hungryroot
  3. Sakara

While all three of these plant based meal deliveries are different in their own way, I'm confident that you'll find exactly what you're looking for. That said, if you come away empty handed after reading this article, maybe you need more information on other, similar services. And, I got you covered there as well.

A lot of the people in the GLAM Vegan tribe love comparing Daily Harvest vs. Splendid Spoon and I reveal the better option based on what your needs are. Remember, every one of these services are unique in solving a specific problem and we all might not be looking for the same thing. In addition to that VS. article, I also learned about Thistle, which is fairly new, but looked exciting. So, I decided to try that service, and I really liked it enough to compare Thistle vs Splendid Spoon. You can also take a look at our best vegan meal delivery services, where I rank my favs there. I'm confident these resources will help you find the perfect plant based meal delivery service!

I think it's time to begin this article on Splendid Spoon vs Hungryroot vs Sakara Life! Are you ready? Me too!

Why all the hype around plant-based meal delivery services?

Imagine waking up every morning knowing that you have your vegan meals not only prepared, but also delivered. Think about all that time you're saving day in and day out. It feels good, doesn't it?

Plant-based meal delivery is easy to do and use. No more going to the store and figuring out what you need to eat and what is good for you. With this program, meal prep is done for you and delivered straight to your doorstep. For people who struggle with diets, this program is perfect. All you do is cook the prep food that comes with instructions on how to make the meal. You get a week worth of food at a Time. The Food pick is organic, grass-fed, and locally-sourced.

Comparing Hungryroot vs Splendid Spoon vs Sakara to See Which One is Best For You

So many people think that plants in vegetarian food needs to be expensive. As well think that the more money you spend, the better the food is, and this isn't the truth. Finding the best option for you that works best will take some time and research, and planning. Different plans range from $20 to $300, making sure you know what you are getting for what you are paying for. Most come with free recipes that have one to two servings each. One brand only makes lunches, While others have a week's worth of food that makes three meals a day. Looking at the price and what you get, I feel cheaper might be better when it comes to plant-based.

Hungryroot Overview

hungryroot meal box delivery
Lots of food comes with hungryroot, which is just one reason why I love them.

By taking a quiz about what you like, the health goals you have set, how many people will be eating hungry root will then start putting together a grocery plan that fits you perfectly. Once you get the prep food and recipes, you can write what you like or did not like in that that they will modify your next order of food and recipes.

They take the work out of meal prep for their customers. 95% of hungry root customers have their time shopping with them instead of going to the store to buy food. You can edit what you get in your delivery every week. Pausing or canceling your delivery anytime. The food plan starts at $59 +. It all depends on how much food you get a week.

What are the key benefits going with Hungryroot?

According to multiple experts in the food making industry, highly customized meals request 223 ingredients. No prep work required and fast cooking. With a Visionary, dairy-free, and wheat-free, you know it is extremely healthy. This is perfect for people with food allergies as you can set preferences like peanut-free, nut-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. With free shipping and 48 states depending on the size of your order. Between a 10 to 15 minute cooking time and easy recipes, what could be better. Using less than two pots or pans to cook with is a dream come true for a busy person or just starting out cooking. Everyone in the family would love 50 and healthy meals.

hungryroot compared to splendid spoon

Splendid spoon overview

woman balancing splendid spoon food having fun

Splendid Spoon provides ready made meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My 3 phrases to describe this service: Plant-based, gluten-free, and Ready-to-Eat. You can choose weekly menus or pick-your-own with over 50 options. The best thing is they're already cooked and delivered to your door. Really, all you have to do is put them in the fridge to keep them cool until you're ready to open and eat. There's three different plans to pick from. The first is just breakfast foods starting at $65. The second plan is breakfast lunch + 1-day soup reset for $115 to $135.

If you're interested in this service, read my in-depth reviews of Splendid Spoon here.

Their plans are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one day soup reset starting at $165 to $185. You can pick if you want weekly, bi-weekly, or once-a-month deliveries. No more meal prep; get already made meals that all you need to do is heat up with when ready to eat. You will need to subscribe or get a subscription, but they make it easy to skip or even cancel your account.

At the lowest price Splendid Spoon has ever been in months, now is the time to jump on this money-saving deal – exclusively for GLAM Vegan's earth-friendly readers! You can only get this $60 Off by using this link or the link below, otherwise it won't register.

What are the major benefits choosing Splendid Spoon?

Without question the best benefit is fully customized meals. Also, they have smoothies for an easy breakfast. For a busy person like myself, it makes it super simple to wake up, open the smoothie and get your breakfast in. With 14 smoothies options and 27 soup / grain bowl options, you can have something new every day. Splendid spoon 100% prioritizes ingredients over calories. Each smoothie contains 3.527 grams of protein per serving, which helps you fuel your body much longer throughout the day.

splendid spoon compared to sakara life

Sakara overview

overview of sakara life vegan food

Sakara does healthy eating meals that are made by Cutting Edge nutrient products. The meals are made buy nutrient scientists and trending healing your body what it means to thrive. He's nutrients, fresh, and delicious. Organic meal delivery program based on Whole Food, plant-rich diet. With nine and trim pillars are based on each meal that is delivered.

Key benefits choosing Sakara

Balance your gut and strength strengthen the immune system. By eating a plant-based diet helps with many things our bodies need. Helping strengthen your body to fight pathogens and viruses. Works with doctors and people that know a lot about plants and how they work with our bodies. Eating healthy makes you feel better. It can change your mood and help with the GI tract. They believe that seeing a beautiful meal in front of you helps with certain digestive steps. This is why they make all their males colorful. Sometimes it's something in the brain that sees the colors how amazing they look that make you want to eat them.

What's better: Splendid spoon or Hungryroot?

Two plant-based companies that offer almost the same thing. Today we will be breaking down why one is better than the other. Both offer 100% plant-based meals, but Splendid spoon is fully pre-prepped meals while hungryroot is more of a meal kit service.

splendid spoon over hungryroot

Are you looking to lose weight?

A splendid spoon would be the better option if you want to lose weight, since Hungryroot isn't meant for that. That's hungryroot meals have pasta, sauce, protein, and desserts, unlike Splendid Spoon, as they only offer smoothies and soups. Hungryroot has plans for individuals, couples, and families. We'll see Splendid, who only gives you breakfast, lunch, and a plan that looks at how easy, easy, and or hard it is to access the menu to see what you will be getting as much easier with Splendid spoon.

With hungry root, you cannot see what the next week's meals will be in advance of getting them. Wanting a fast and simple process to order healthy foods and knowing where it comes from in the ingredients in it is almost number 1 on many people's minds when they want healthy meals. In today's world, everything is based on and don't have time to do anything, and that is why most people are getting takeout for dinner. I feel that out of these two plant-based companies, and I would choose Splendid spoon because they care about what goes into the food they are sending out. As their what's that is easy to follow, and when getting your delivery, everything is packaged well and very easy to understand. Seeing more variety, though, when it comes to their plans.

Which is best: Sakara or splendid spoon?

Sakara offers organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, plant Ridge super meals that get delivered to you. Their meals start at $210 for three days for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for five days; it's $420. Being one of the higher price programs, they offer promise to have you eat fresh, healthy foods with zero effort. The splendid spoon is better known for its smoothies and soups. Splendid spoon prices or a lot lower. It's about $9 per Smoothie or soup with free shipping, along with a Weekly subscription. Splendid spoon says customers can lose weight with their smoothies and soups but who honestly wants to drink their food out all the time. I feel that Sakara is the better choice here if you want a variety of food. Yes, they are up there with the price, but I think it would be worth it; as the saying goes, “you pay for what you get.”

Which is better: Sakara or hungryroot?

hungryroot compared to sakara life

Health and wellness people Shakira is meant for you. Made with high-quality ingredients in products and getting out onto your meals, like superfood chocolate and supplements for your water. It's not the cheapest program, it is the more price here one, but it is definitely worth the money. And their Meals Ready do fill you up.

With amazing ingredients that are great for you and help you eat healthier. They're higher price not many people have the money to throw out that program, but other programs are a lot cheaper and eating healthier and being delivered to your door. And the hungry root is one of those programs; the price starts at $69 per week, including four meals and two servings each meal. Do you make healthy eating easier? The cooking process simple as well. I say both of these programs are great, but if you are looking for quality and getting your money's worth, Sakara is the way to go, but the hungry root is the cheaper version of them.

What's the best plant-based meal delivery? Splendid spoon, or Sakara or Hungryroot?

All three of these plant-based companies are excellent in their very own ways. Looking at all the little details and getting into the background of where the food comes from and which companies take pride in the food made it hard to pick just one. All three are different in their many areas like price, ingredients, and what kind of foods they offer. I made my decision based on being a middle-class American on a budget to feed adults and kids. We all know that the healthy foods at the grocery stores are not that healthy, and they are incredibly high priced for food that isn't even in a meal yet.

Let us start with my least favorite plant-based companies. That is Sakara because of how highly-priced the plans are. Yes, they take much time to provide the very best plant-based food for their customers, with unique ingredients that make up their already prepped meals. But the high price on them blows me away when looking at their website.

My second choice would have to be a Splendid spoon because they are not meals in my eyes as they only have smoothies and soups. I love the price of $9 per Smoothie or soup and the 14 different kinds of smoothies and 27 types of soups. They are proven to help people lose weight witch is excellent since that is one of the top reasons people start eating healthy in the first place.

For my number one choice, I picked Hungryroot. I thought they had great prices and meal plans, and they are similar to Sakara, just much cheaper. The price does vary depending on how much food you receive in a week, along with how many people will be eating the food. Easy meals that are made with fresh ingredients come straight you your doorstep. The meals have two to three elements with no pre-work. They allow you to set preferences about food allergies as well. And knowing that you have the power to say what you like and what health goals you have in mind and Hungryroot takes those and makes sure your food fits you. Having plans that include family's, couples, and individuals is excellent.

With this being my opinion, I strongly urge you to make the right fit for you. With many different options of plant-based meal deliveries out there, now do the research and look into everyone, so you understand what goes into the food and what your money is going to. Getting into this healthy lifestyle is excellent and should be memorable. You will start feeling better once you start eating healthier. I hope this gave you more insight into these three excellent plant-based meal delivery services. They can help make it easier when it comes time to take the step to start your health journey.

Our Winner is: Splendid Spoon (#1)

splendid spoon over hungryroot and sakara

At the lowest price Splendid Spoon's been in months, it's the perfect time to start eating healthy and taking advantage of their convenience, which is far better than Hungryroot and Sakara Life.

Our Second Option is: Hungryroot (#2)

Our Consolation Option is: Sakara Life (#3)

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